My Full Website Design Process

My Full Website Design Process

I hardly write about my myself or my work process so I thought it would be nice to give you a little insight into how I work. In this blog post, I’m going to take you through an outline of my website design process.

First up is the virtual meet and greet

Depending on the client, I either do a virtual meet and greet or communicate via email or phone call. It’s important to me that I get to know the person behind the website, their motivations and vision before we start. This helps ensure that I create a design that is align with who they (or the company) are and what their website needs to achieve.

The next step is understanding your business

Once I have gained a good understanding of the website vision, I go through all aspects of the website. This includes talking about the website’s purpose, who it will be targeting, content structure, navigation items and website features. It’s during this step that I recommend a website design package design that meets your requirements and is also budget friendly.

This leads to domain and website hosting

Picking a website hosting company is an important part of creating a website. Not all website hosts are created equal, and finding one with good customer service, uptime and flexibility is key. It’s also important to make sure that the hosting company meets any website access requirements, and can handle website traffic. I will look into the most suitable website hosting option for you, either through myself or another company.

Alternatively, if you have all your hosting needs already active, I will work on your existing server.

Choosing a website template

Once hosting is sorted, we can start to explore website templates. As I specialise in WordPress website designs, I’ll present several options based on what design elements are important to you, what is industry aligned and also provide my own website design recommendation. From these options, a template choice will be made.

Next up.. the content outline document

While I work on setting up all the technical stuff and getting your template ready for customising. I will provide you with a content outline document that will help you structure website content and provide me with website copy. 

Now the fun part. Let the designing begin!

Once your website hosting is set up, template is chosen and content outline document is ready to go, it’s time for me to get creative. It’s during this stage of website design that I create website page designs and customise the website template based on our initial conversations. This process includes website layout design, colour selection, typography selection, website feature customisations and website optimisations.

The website design review process

At this stage, I’ll be sending you the website link to review – it’s important to remember website design is a fluid process and nothing is set in stone. During the website design review phase, we discuss any changes that need to be made, website features that you’d like to include and website content that needs updating. This ensures the website design is suitable for both yourself and website visitors.

While we are busy with this, the website will have a coming soon page activate so no one except us will be able to see the design.

Last but not least: website launch!

Once all website design reviews are complete, I will begin the websites transfer, testing website functions and double-checking the website on the live site. Once all website testing is complete, it’s time to hit the website launch button! After website launch, I will send you a website guide video which outlines how to use your new website.


Creating a website can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With my full website design process, I aim to make website creation a smooth and collaborative journey that results in an website that is perfect aligned with your website’s vision.

I hope this post was helpful in getting to know me and my process a bit more and I hope we can work together in the future!

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