Business Branding Design


Business Branding Design

Business Branding (otherwise known as Corporate Stationary) is any material designed and used to showcase and market your business.

These are things such as your logo, company profile, business cards, flyers, brochures, email signatures, signage, clothing designs, etc.

Businesses that have a unique and uniform brand invoice across every platform tend to me more recognisable and successful amongst their target market.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get some advice and a quote and take your business branding to the next level!

Step 1 - Share your Brand

Tell me everything about your brand and provide any visual references and of brands you like. Having a role model to work from is a great way to build a solid brand foundation that will also be tailored to match your business.

Step 2 - Market Research and Initial Design

Once all information has been given, I will conduct market research into the design that will work well for your brand as will start creating the initial design(s).

Step 3 - Changes and More Designing

This is the part where we bounce off ideas/feedback from each other and make changes until you are happy with your final design.

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Business Branding Packages and Pricing

  • Business Cards
  • R *** / OF
    • 3x Layout Templates
    • 3x  Revisions
    • 1x Print-ready PDF
    • 1x Digital PDF

  • Brochures
  • R *** / OF
    • 3x Layout Templates
    • 3x  Revisions
    • 1x PNG Format
    • 1x Print-Ready PDF
    • 1x Digital PDF

  • Full Branding Kits
  • R *** / OF
    • 1x Business Card Design
    • 1x Email Signature Design
    • 1x Social Media Banner Design
    • 1x Flyer/Brochure Design
    • 2x Revisions per Design



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your pricing fixed?

No they are not, each price is an estimate. Based on clients requirements, the final price will be provided.

What is your time frame to complete a design?

This depends on the complexity of the design, my workload and how long it takes to receive the content I need. I do try to push to get all designs done within 1/2 weeks.

Do you write the content for the designs?

No I do not. If you require content writing, I can supply a separate quote.

Is your designs compatible with printing on cars, clothes, boards, etc?


You will need to specify what the design will be used for and I will ensure the right file format is created.

Where can I view your Terms and Conditions?

You can view my Terms and Conditions: here


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