Why you need a proper logo designed

Why you need a proper logo designed

Blog Post: Why you need a proper logo designed

For my first set of business related blog posts, I have chosen a theme called ‘Back to Basics’. With this theme in mind, I decided to write a post for you about logos and why I feel it is important for you or your business to invest in a proper logo design.

Your logo is probably one of the most important features in your business. You will use it as a basis for all your branding in hopes that it will become recognisable and memorable.

Investing in a proper designer to create your logo is invaluable, even if you feel that it is a waste of money when you could just do it yourself. If you have design experience then by all means go for it, however I have seen many businesses who do not know what they are doing and create unappealing logos just to save some cash.

I won’t push something this strongly if I do not believe in it, here are my reasons why you need to put in the investment:

    1. A designer does not ‘just create’ something to make money from you. They do market research and keep up with design trends to ensure all their designs are modern and relevant.
    2. Designers are some what invested in your brand. They will make the effort to learn about your business so that their design reflects your brand correctly and what it stands for.
    3. Designers have the right software/tools to create the design as well as the knowledge of the different formats, sizes and resolution variations needed. Many people are not aware of the requirements needed for a logo that will be printed vs. a logo that will be used for digital use.
    4. A designer saves you time that you would have had to spend doing this whole process by yourself.

I would also like to talk about logo design applications that generate a few ideas for you and you pay for the design you like most. While this concept is great idea and saves you some cash, you still lose that element of the logo be related to what your business does as well as encompassing your business values.

Most of those designs are basic, not related to specific field and anyone can purchase the exact same design as you but just change the name. A designer will create something unique and will not be an exact copy of another design.

Do you feel investing in a designer is worth it?

Comment below, I would love to see read your thoughts. x





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