When is it time to rebrand?

When is it time to rebrand?

As time goes on and technology advances and so should our brand. ‘Keeping up with the times’ should be a key factor in your business and marketing plan.

So, when do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

  1. If your business name, logo and other graphics are outdated.
  2. If your brand vision or business model changes.
  3. You are not standing out from your competition.
  4. To outgrow a poor reputation.
  5. When there is no brand consistency across all digital and physical platforms.
  6. When you are undergoing a merger with another company.
  7. Your brand has grown/expanded to a larger area or market.
  8. When your brand or graphics is associated with something negative (like Corona).
  9. You want to connect with a new audience.
  10. If people cannot relate to your brand’s look.

Those are just a few reasons, every company will have a unique reason as to why they want/need to revamp their brand.

Now that you know when, how do you start the rebranding process?

Evaluate what exactly needs a rebrand.

Most companies start off with a logo revamp. Overtime, logos have become simpler and cleaner so it is quick, attention grabbing and sticks in the mind of consumers.

Thereafter, all your social media platforms, corporate stationary and overall look will be changed to match the logo.

Consistency is key when building a good brand.

Next to logos, the next thing that often needs a revamp is your website. Technology advancements and people’s needs for websites to be quick, clean and easy to navigate, have influenced the way websites need to be designed.

Your website is the most important digital sales person for your brand, make sure it is the best it can be!

Start making the transition from old too new.

Inform your audience/customers/staff that a rebrand is happening and do a big reveal once done. This allows people to prepare for a change so when it comes, it’s a smooth transition for all.

The last thing you want is for people to get confused if the new look is actually your brand.

Tap into new areas to expand your brand reach.

Your marketing department, team or person should now explore the new ways to get brand exposure. Every year there is new social media platforms, blogging platforms, advertising platforms and many other avenues that you can get your business onto to grow your brand.

Keep staying ahead or inline with trends in the market.

There is no use just rebranding and then leaving the brand for the next years to get outdated.

Once you take the step to rebrand, make sure constantly keep aware of what trends and platforms are available to help you stay modern and in the minds on consumers.

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