How much does a Logo Design in South Africa cost?

How much does a Logo Design in South Africa cost?

A logo design is an important part of your business. A good logo can help a company create a strong and memorable brand identity, which in turn will lead to increased revenue. It’s also true that the cost of designing logos varies from one designer to another – even for designers in South Africa.

A logo design can cost anywhere between R500 to R5000 rand or more! It all depends on a number of factors that this blog post will discuss.

Pricing Structure

In general, there are two ways you’ll be charged: hourly or by project fee (or some combination). This is all dependent on the designer and/or agency. Most freelancers charge hourly however, to benefit both themselves and their client, design packages with a fixed cost is preferred by both parties.

Time Commitment

The amount of time the designer will spend on your design also affects the cost – and this is usually calculated in hours or days. It’s not uncommon for designers charge by day, rather than hour, when it comes to a larger-scale project such as branding or website overhauls. The more work they can finish within one day, the less you’ll be charged per minute because those minutes are “free” after working eight hours (from both perspectives).

Designer Experience Level & Time Availability

As you know, the more experienced and busy a designer is, the more you have to pay to get that level of expertise to work for you. Sometimes their schedules are so busy that a monetary incentive is what they need to add your project to their workload.

Often times this option is not viable due to budget constraints, so I advise to ask them to recommend another designer who can help you. They most likely have a network of reputable designers that will bring your logo dreams to life.

Depth of Research

The depth of research that the designer puts into your design also affects cost because they will either need more time to spend on it or have to do extra work at some point before finalising a design concept or producing the finished product.

Most clients that have designs to work on as references greatly help designers as it reduces or eliminates the research process thus, saving a lot of time and money.

Type of Logo Design

The type of logo you are looking for greatly affects design costs. If you want a simple text only logo of the company name, you will not be paying much. However, if you want symbols, images, colour, etc., be prepared to pay more.

Have a read through my blog post that explains each type of logo design: Different Types of Logo Designs

Number of Revisions/Changes Required

Often times designers charge clients for revisions and changes. This is usually not a problem if the project has gone smoothly up to that point – but, as you know, sometimes we need more than one round of revision in order to get it just right. If this happens, be prepared to pay extra fees.

File Types Needed

If you need more than one file type created for your logo, this will increase the cost. These include digital logos (such as JPEG and PNG), normal print based on CMYK colourspace, and professional printing using Pantone colourspace.

Every platform or reason you need the logo generally requires a specific file type. Some file types take time and precision to prepare.

For example, if your logo is going to be printed professionally on flyers, adverts, stickers, etc. the designer will ensure the graphic is of the best quality, colour scheme and compatible with the printers requirements.

Social Media Variations

If you require variations to be created for social media, this will increase the cost. For example, your logo needs to be created in both horizontal and vertical formats, as well as square or more complicated shapes such as circles or curves.


It is very difficult to estimate the exact cost of getting something designed but understanding the factors that influence the cost of a logo design will help you get a clearer picture of the cost bracket you fall in too.

I hope this post helped you and that you make an informed decision when checking out the market for logo designers!