Choosing the right Website Designer (beware of red flags!)

Choosing the right Website Designer (beware of red flags!)

For my first official post of the year, I would like to talk about choosing the right website designer and being aware of red flags. 

I have come across many clients who have had bad website design experiences and I can honestly say that it is really important to do some research before hiring anyone.

First off, why does your company need a website

A website is one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools you can have. It allows potential customers to find out more about your business and the services you offer. It also provides an online platform for customers to interact with your company – from making inquiries to placing orders.

Due to the importance a website can be for your business, it makes sense to ensure that your website is designed, created and maintained by a professional website designer who knows what they are doing. Finding the right website designer for your project can be difficult, as there are so many website design companies out there.

So how do you know which one to choose?

Here are some red flags to watch out for when it comes to website designers

No portfolio, testimonials or reviews

Any website designer worth their salt should have a portfolio of previous work and testimonials/reviews from satisfied customers. If they don’t have any (even if it is just one of the above), that is a huge red flag and you should be hesitant for beginning any work with them.

No clear process or plan

A website designer should be able to provide you with a detailed outline of their website design process, as well as a timeline of when you can expect your website to be completed. If they cannot provide this information, then that is another red flag.

Wanting full payment upfront

A website designer should never demand full payment before any work has been done. A reputable website designer will usually require a deposit up front which covers their initial costs, but the rest should be paid either in instalments as the website is developed or the balance at the end of a project once the website is complete.

Cannot provide clear advice/guidance

Your website designer should be able to give you clear guidance and assistance when it comes to creating your website. If they are unable to answer even basic questions about website design, then that is a red flag.

No clear/consistent communication

Clear and consistent communication is key when it comes to website design. If your website designer is not responding to emails or phone calls promptly, or if they are not providing meaningful information regarding your website’s progress, then that could be a red flag.

No updates as project progresses

Your website designer should be providing regular updates as the website is built. If they are not keeping you in the loop, then that could be a sign of trouble and you should take it as another red flag.


I hope this post has been helpful in helping to identify any red flags when it comes to your website design and choosing a designer to you can trust. I have come across too many good people that have been taken advantage of and I would like to help you not be in that same boat.

With these tips in mind, I hope you take your time and do your research before committing to a website design freelancer/company.

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